Learn Digital Skills

Power up your tech skills and gain a competitive edge in today’s digital world by acquiring in-demand digital skills that will help you start or grow a business, secure a job and be digitally confident.

Learn a new skill

Computer Essentials

Learn the basics of computers - Windows basics, MS Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Internet Essentials, Teleconferencing with Zoom.

Coding for Begginners

Start your coding journey with introduction to programming, basic syntax, data types, if statements, loops etc.

Graphics Design with Canva

Create amazing graphics for both print and online distribution - Logo design, Flyer & Poster design, social media designs.

Front-End Web Development with HTML, CSS & Javascript

Get started as a front-end web developer using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and build world-class websites!

Back-End Web Development with PHP & MySQL

Learn how to develop dynamic websites and powerful web apps using PHP and MySQL Database.

Python Programming Foundation Course

If you have wanted to start learning how to code, Python is one of the easiest languages out there. 2022 is the year you learn how to code.

Social Media Advertising

Learn how to setup Facebook and Instagram advert, track actions on your website, retarget prospects with pixel, monitor performance and increase sales

Web Design with WordPress

Learn how to build professional websites with WordPress (World's popular CMS) and start making money on the side, as a freelancer, or full time. No coding required.

Google Ads

Learn how to create and run Google Ads – Google video Ads, search Ads, display Ads and to effectively use Ads to reach more customers online and grow your business