5 Myths about careers in tech

The reasons you’ve probably not considered a career in tech is because of some misconceptions people may have filled your mind with.

Today, let’s debunk some of these myths.


Myth 1:  Only men work in tech

Fact: While we are ensuring to have a gender balance in the tech world there are still thousands of women already working in the tech space.


Myth 2: You need to have coding skills to be in tech

Fact: Coding is just a segment of the skills required to work in tech. There are tons of career roles that don’t require coding skills such as UI/UX design, Products Management, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, etc


Myth 3: You need to be good in math to understand tech

Fact: There are tones of tech roles out there that do not require expertise in .mathematics and engineering.


Myth 4: You need an IT/ Computer Science degree

Fact: There are multiple paths to landing a tech job. Inasmuch as a computer science/ IT degree can help greatly, certifications, bootcamps and aligned job experience offer other routes to a dream tech career.


Myth 5: Tech jobs are difficult to find

Fact: This is not true. Vacancies for tech are sent out on a regular basis. All you need is to be qualified to get it.


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